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Timeless timekeepingThe Rado D-Star transforms history into a sign of the times

Rado has developed a unique position in the world of Swiss watchmaking as the creator of timeless timepieces. It consistently and successfully produces watches that fuse eras, materials and technologies to make intriguing design evolutions visible.

The Rado D-Star perfectly exemplifies this unique expertise, subtly acknowledging its 1962 Rado DiaStar inspiration. Harmoniously in tune with the times, the Rado D-Star also satisfies current desires for longevity and sustainability, with a robust watch that increases luxury via substance rather than price.

Redefining the material world

The Rado D-Star tailors its use of dynamic materials and modern technology to wearer lifestyles. Models made with the brand new substance Ceramos® benefit from the facility to adapt to the body temperature, accommodating a spectrum of activity levels and environments. This dynamic, metal-look material also affords the lightness required by highly active multi-taskers of both sexes, as well as the uncompromising scratch-resistance pioneered by Rado five decades ago. High-tech ceramic versions in black and white appeal to current style trends, extending the comfort characteristic into a different look.

And alluding to the demand for making a statement of sustainability, the consistency of the perfectly round dial speaks out to a wide audience via deep-rooted democratic design. A total of 28 style and movement declinations enables individuals of all types and tastes to join forces in participating in the creation of an icon.