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Exclusivity for enjoymentThe new ARMIN Manual Collection of Armin Strom

There is not only a great devotion to detail in the high quality timekeepers of Armin Strom, but also an expensive production process. Here, with the combination of high grade materials and extreme precision, a quality is achieved that celebrates the refined art of watchmaking. Every single watch of the new limited series equipped with own-manufacture calibres is a masterpiece.

Genuine watch lovers know what exclusive timekeepers are all about. At Armin Strom, they are well aware of the high expectations of connoisseurs, and the team of specialists is working enthusiastically on one of today’s most aesthetic wristwatches. They all have one passion in common: when it’s a question of producing masterpieces, there can be no compromise. Armin Strom watches combine elegance with precision, design with quality and refined watchmaking artistry with the highest grade materials – and all this in perfect harmony and at surprisingly exceptional prices.

Fascination with detail

Armin Strom AG ranks among the few companies, which still produce their watches mostly by hand and with minutely detailed finishing. Every product from the Biel-based manufacturer is the result of a multi-stage, highly demanding, value-adding process, culminating in the richly detailed decoration of the masterpieces. In order to refine the timekeepers to the highest levels of precision, four main stages are critical. In the first, the individual watch components, such as the bottom plates, bridges and wheels are prepared and produced, with very few exceptions, in its own workshops using the most appropriate raw materials. This is followed by the engraving, which is carried out manually with original engraving burins rather than by machine, making each watch unique. Next comes the angling – honing and polishing, during which all edges are chamfered with great precision by hand, before some individual components are then embellished with a distinctive decoration by machine, such as the “côtes de Genève” or “circular graining” patterns. In the last refinement process, before the components go to be assembled into finished watches, electroplating provides the decorated and polished parts with their valuable coating in gold, rhodium or rhuthenium.

New watch movement with four elements

Since 2009, Armin Strom has been producing its own high grade watch movement as well as timekeepers. After the first ARM09 hand-winding calibre, the latest generation is emerging from the Strom company. With the new AMW11 (ArninManualWinding11) in the ARMIN Manual Collection series, an exclusive own-manufacture calibre was created for the first time at an extraordinary price. This continues the tradition of the distinctively refined Armin Strom watch movement, but with a new, modern interpretation. The absence of a full dial, reveals the intricate workings of the movement in all their beauty. The time display is also unmistakable, with the slightly horizontally off-centre hour and minute hands. The watch is available in four versions, representing the four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire – each in a limited series of 100 pieces.