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New exhibition at Geneva’s Cité du TempsReady-to-wear time by Tissot

From intricate nineteenth century pocket watches, to the dynamic contemporary timepieces chosen by Tissot ambassadors Danica Patrick and Deepika Padukone, the exhibition documents an intuitive understanding of women’s ever-evolving needs. Playing a fascinating supporting role to the watch and advertising exhibits are examples of ladies’ undergarments from different eras.

Visitors will be intrigued by the unique historical and social mirror that this timely exhibition presents.

Treasured possessions

«Ready-to-wear time» unfolds like a voyage of discovery through the treasured possessions of a lady capable of transcending time. Since 1853, when Tissot was founded, until today, women’s wearing preferences have dictated the course of watchmaking technicalities. In 1911 Tissot forecast the growing influence of women by introducing its first wristwatches for ladies, one year before the creation of wrist-worn timepieces for men. Exhibits documenting the first half of the brand’s twentieth century history highlight the jewellery character of ladies’ watches.

Liberating times

Tissot has also always been dedicated to finding out what women really want in every regard. For example, the innovative Swiss brand contradicted popular prejudices that women were not interested in technology when it introduced automatic ladies’ timepieces for the first time in 1955. Some years later, when feminists in the United States were burning their bras, the brand decided to offer a multiplicity of women’s collections. Tissot recognised women as individuals and not just as icons for a gender. Ever since, the ladies’ collections have been equipped to satisfy the diverse aspects of feminine personalities and moods.