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BASELWORLD 2015 Preview: The Marine Chronometer Manufacture Ladies

Delicate in appearance BASELWORLD 2015 Preview: The Marine Chronometer Manufacture Ladies

Step out like a lady with the new Marine Chronometer Manufacture for women. A stunning timepiece comprised of feminine features and state-of-the-art technology, it is a force to be reckoned with. Delicate in appearance, with its mother-of-pearl dial, pastel Roman numerals and fluted bezel adorned with diamonds, it is also vigorous in function.

The future of Switzerland's skeletonizing The ARMIN STROM Skeleton Pure Collection

ARMIN STROM's Skeleton Pure celebrates the mechanical architecture of a movement by highlighting the layered construction of the components. Featuring ARMIN STROM’s Calibre ARM09-S, the movement is skeletonized and the plate accentuated through 3D PVD colorization.

Black, it’s the new black Unbelievable: MB&F HOROLOGICAL MACHINE No5 CARBONMACROLON

Black. As a colour, or to be more accurate, an absence of colour, there's nothing quite like it. Other colours go in and out of fashion, but black is always in. So adding a coat of black paint, a.k.a. PVD, to the case of the super-car-inspired HM5 would appear to be the sensible thing to do.

Rigorous beauty ARMIN STROM announces Skeleton Pure

ARMIN STROM continues to distill traditional watchmaking to its absolute essence with the introduction of Skeleton Pure. This striking new timepiece eliminates anything extraneous from the bare caliber and highlights the layered construction of the movement by colorizing the essential components, which features the firm's Calibre ARM09-S.

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