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BENTLEY MOTORS T - On the wings of performance

Breitling. Bentley. Once upon a time there were two brands sharing much common ground. The same passion for fine mechanical engineering. The same heritage of excellence, symbolised by a winged B signature. This alliance of prestige and performances has given rise to a line of exceptional chronographs called Breitling for Bentley.

As the first model in this collection dedicated to the automobile world, the Bentley Motors chronograph is being issued this year in a very special series. Named Bentley Motors T, this timepiece is distinguished by its resolutely sporting design reflected in details such as its bezel adorned with an engine-turned motif catching the light in a manner reminiscent of Bentley dashboards; or in the case with its subtly alternating fine-brushed finishing on top and polished sides. Another exclusive feature is its medallion on the caseback, depicting the silhouette of three of the most legendary Bentley models: the Speed 6, the R-Type Continental and the Continental GT. Three cars which - like the Bentley Motors T chronograph - are a perfect blend of style and performances.

The originality of this design is further enhanced by a touch of technical exclusivity. The Bentley Motors T is equipped with a mechanism unique in the world called the "30-second chronograph". The central hand sweeps round the dial in half a minute, instead of the usual 60 minutes, in an astonishing configuration that enables highly accurate readings to within the nearest 1/8th of a second.This mechanism is one of the chief assets of Calibre 25B, a movement produced by the Breitling Chronométrie workshops and officially chronometer-certified, as indeed are all Breitling movements. The Bentley Motors T is equipped with another world-exclusive feature: the variable tachometer, enabling measurement of average speed, whatever the time elapsed, the distance covered or the speed reached. Bentley Motors T is crafted in steel as well as in a limited series of 500 in rose gold.