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Oris launches a Sudoku Style Watch to commemorate Leonhard Euler

His face appeared on the old ten Swiss Frank note, adorns a special stamp, and now also sets a watch apart: Oris is launching the Leonhard Euler jubilee watch to commemorate the 300th anniver-sary of the birth of the great Swiss mathematician. Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) pioneered natural science, laid the foundations for modern technol-ogy, and ranks on the level of Newton and Ein-stein for productivity.

The Oris Leonhard Euler edition, a mechanical watch, has many different connections to the great man, who opened up new horizons with his first masterpiece, Mechanica. The exclusive edition is limited worldwide to 1707 watches, all individually numbered, corresponding to Euler’s year of birth, 1707. Each has Euler’s portrait engraved on the case back. The square case symbolises the Latin Squares that occupied much of the time of the maths genius. The dial has a square-pattern to mimic Sudoku, the popular num-ber puzzle, based on Euler’s Latin Squares some of the hour numbers. The fine leather strap completes the formula for this exceptional watch.

Oris Leonhard Euler Limited Edition – a fitting High-Mech tribute to Euler for enthusiasts and collectors alike.