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Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie

Complex art of traditional mechanical watch making Ulysee Nardin Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie

Ulysse Nardin has blended the complex art of traditional mechanical watch making and the outstanding art of Haute Joaillerie into one extraordinary timepiece – The Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie. Each diamond is brilliantly cut by a highly-skilled precious stone cutter and integrated into the detailed case, adding expert craftsmanship to a remarkably innovative timepiece.

This unique mechanical timepiece crafted in 18 ct rose or white gold is fitted with 60 white or black baguette diamonds over the bezel and 28 white or black baguette diamonds on the lugs, magnifying the impact of the design of the black onyx dial and the 4 hand-crafted warriors in action. The interior of the bezel is either set with 48 white and 12 black baguette diamonds or 48 black and 12 white baguette diamonds which serve to mark the hours. The high quality of the 148 baguette diamonds (approximately 6.2 ct, Top Wesselton) in combination with the extraordinary mechanics of the Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie represent the best of the art of fine watch engineering.

Genghis Khan - The first ever Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts Minute Repeater.

The visible one minute Tourbillon is integrated into the black onyx watch dial. The Tourbillon bridge is the same shape as those used on the Tourbillons James Pellaton produced for Ulysse Nardin at the beginning of the 20th century. The well-finished movement with 36 jewels has a diameter of 27.60 mm and a height of 8.50 mm. All movement parts have been decorated, angled and finished by hand. The Westminster has four gongs, each with a different tone (Mi-Do-Re-Sol). When the repeater is activated, the hour sound is Sol and the minute sound is Mi. All four gongs sound in three different sequences for the quarters:

1st quarter: Mi-Do-Re-Sol
2nd quarter: Mi-Do-Re-Sol/Sol-Re-Mi-Do
3rd quarter: Mi-Do-Re-Sol/Sol-Re-Mi-Do/Mi-Do-Re-Sol

The Jaquemarts

The figures on the black onyx dial are hand-carved in 18 ct rose or white gold. The movements of the Jaquemarts are synchronized with the sound of the gongs. The movements of one of the saber-wielding combatants on the left side are synchronized with the gong sounding the hours, while the movement of the horse rider thrusting his spear through the ring indicates the minutes. All Jaquemarts, including the musician, are animated to move with the sounding of the quarters. The Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie embodies the highest ideals of both the art of traditional mechanical watch making both in technical and artistic skills. The Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie is available in 18 ct rose or white gold in a limited edition of 30 pieces.