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Beautiful mechanicBASELWORLD 2014: The ARMIN STROM Racing Collection

For the 2014 Formula 1 season, ARMIN STROM updates its Racing Collection by introducing two new calibres made from a Formula 1 engine.

Convinced that – just like a watch – a car can be recognized by its heart, the ARMIN STROM manufacture has dismantled the engine in order to select the components most suitable physically and aesthetically to transform into watchmaking parts. This approach, with the help and friendly supervision of the Marussia F1 team, particularly driver and brand ambassador Max Chilton, lies behind the collection‘s two new models.

ARMIN STROM Racing Manual

The ARMIN STROM Racing Manual is a study of profile. The purity of the decoration echoes the aesthetic norms that determine the aerodynamics of the race car. The machining of the visible bridges on the dial side reflects the forms, which hold the secrets to Formula 1 performance. This watch is based on calibre AMW11, which has a 5-day power reserve and as Claude Greisler, designer and director expresses: “The ARMIN STROM Racing Manual has been developed so that each one of its beats represents a declaration of love for beautiful mechanics.”

ARMIN STROM Racing Gravity

ARMIN STRONG’s Racing Gravity reveals the workings of the various forces that animate the king’s category of motor racing. The transmission is provided by a microrotor mechanism, which activates when gravity opposes a kinetic force. Once the energy is recovered and stored in the barrel, this component transfers the power to the gear-train that controls the measurement of precision and the time display. A time displayed on a dial ring, which allows the view of the mechanical elements of the watch.