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Feel the need for speedBASELWORLD 2013: The Class-1 Automatic Chronograph Skeleton of Edox

It’s the ultimate adrenalin rush on water - powering through the ocean at more than 200kmh, racing neck and neck with rivals in the Class-1 World Powerboat Championships. Racers need nerves of steel, superb seamanship and complete trust in their stateof- the-art craft to compete in a sport where split-second timing could be the difference between winning or losing - or life and death.

Competitors need to be sure their timepieces are not only super-accurate but are rugged enough to withstand the incredible pounding experienced each race as these marine monsters charge around courses throughout the world. Which is why, since 2008, Edox has proudly been the Official Timekeeper to the Class-1 World Powerboat Championships, the supreme waterborne test of man and machine. Now, for Baselworld 2013, Edox introduces the ultimate piece in its Class-1 collection, watches at the leading edge of technology and design, just like their ocean racing “cousins”.

Limited to just 100 pieces worldwide, the Class-1 Automatic Chronograph Skeleton is a black beauty, the workings of its luxury Edox Calibre 95 movement h ighlighted via a spectacular black skeleton dial and the transparent caseback. Here the wearer can observe the Calibre 95 movement’s most intimate, intricate details - a fascinating insight into the supreme skills needed to “open work” such a tiny machine and why skeletonised watches are considered highly sought-after miniature works of art in their own right. Cocooned in a stainless steel case, with black ceramic bezel, the Class-1 Automatic Chronograph Skeleton oozes toughness, the chronograph functionality further enhancing what is already a striking piece.

Naturally, the Chronograph Skeleton is water- resistant (20 ATM or more than 600 feet) and the genuine black rubber strap and oversize pushers make it the ideal hightech sports watch - whether you can pilot a Class-1 powerboat or not.