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Only Watch 2011 Protected by two patents: Hermès Arceau Le Temps Suspendu

(07/2011) The Arceau Le Temps suspendu watch conceals time and erases it from the dial whilst continuing to register its ceaseless march. This new horological complication developed exclusively for Hermès is a world first. Behind a simple and playful gesture lies a sophisticated mechanism capable of making the user forget time via a subtle play of cams, pinions and segments. The mechanics behind the illusion are created by an additional module enabling automatic and spontaneous alternation between suspended time and standard time.

The 19-year-old South African swimming sensation Chad Le Clos is OMEGA's new swimming ambassador

(07/2011) Chad Le Clos, the 19-year-old South African swimming sensation, has joined OMEGA's family of brand ambassadors. Chad made a strong impression on OMEGA at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010 when he collected five medals. In the same year he claimed gold in the 200-metre butterfly and the 400-metre individual medley at the Commonwealth Games, setting Games records in both events. At the FINA World Short Course Championships in 2010, he won the gold medal in the 200-metre butterfly.

The Excellence Run stops at the La Neuvaz alpine Jean-Claude Biver`s and his artisan cheese farm

(07/2011) Tradition, savoir-faire and passion are the three words that immediately convinced Hublot to become involved in the first edition of the Excellence Run designed to pay tribute to the Compagnons du Devoir (organisation of craftsmen and artisans), heirs to a unique savoir-faire, and to uncover the riches of an exceptional craft heritage.

Michael Phelps: OMEGA’s quintessential ambassador

(07/2011) Since 2004, Michael Phelps has brought a human face to the values of OMEGA and his enormous international popularity and success continue to bring instant worldwide recognition to the brand. Michael was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and started swimming at the age of seven, in part due to the influence of his sisters who were also swimmers.

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