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The Little Prince and his Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation The Little Prince and his Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition

(11/2017) Today, Sotheby’s auctioned an exclusive timepiece by IWC Schaffhausen: the Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition “Le Petit Prince” went under the hammer, garnering a winning bid of CHF 38,000. A portion of the proceeds of this auction will benefit the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation, in order to boost its expansion into the USA and reach its goal of offering training and educational projects to even more young people throughout the world.

In Memoriam HR Giger

When biomechanoid creatures land on Planet Agonium In Memoriam HR Giger

(11/2017) Daniel Strom is passionate about a lot of things. Motorbikes, fine engineering, myths and legends… as well as art, painting and sculpture. He is particularly sensitive to works by HR Giger, whom we have to thank for the space creature in the first Alien movie by Ridley Scott in 1979, and for which the Swiss artist won an Oscar in 1980 in the “Best Visual Effects” category.

 The Breitling DC-3 wraps up its world tour

100,000 aviation fans at the finish The Breitling DC-3 wraps up its world tour

(10/2017) Having departed from Geneva last March, the Breitling DC-3 made its grand return to Switzerland after circling the globe, landing in Sion where 100,000 passionate enthusiasts are set to attend the Breitling Sion Airshow 2017. A new feat for this legendary plane still in perfectly flightworthy condition and which is celebrating its 77th birthday this year.

ORIS supports Pelagios Kakunjá

On a mission to save the world’s sharks ORIS supports Pelagios Kakunjá

(06/2017) In 40 years time, sharks will be extinct. That is the troubling prediction of leading ocean conservation experts who have tracked the decline of the world’s shark population over the last 50 years.

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