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The Armin Strom Blue ChipArmin Strom

Stylish Watch StatementSpartacus wearing an Armin Strom

The internationally famous choreographer and Actor, Vlastimil Harapes, is wearing a hand-skeletonized and hand-engraved wristwatch from the Master Watchmaker Armin Strom. The Biel manufacturer has equipped the stage star, well-known for his role as Spartacus, with an exclusive Blue Chip Automatic Skeleton.

The Czech choreographer, actor and former star dancer, Vlastimil Harapes, has recently become a wearer of a timekeeper from the renowned watch manufacturer, Armin Strom. Famous for his roll as Spartacus and Count Albert, Harapes has danced leading male roles of many of the world’s famous ballets. Over the years, he played theatre and film roles and was also an internationally well-known ballet director, producer and librettist. At present, the stage-experienced whiz-kid is working as choreographer and instructor with the State Theatre in Košice, developing stage projects for the Krizikova Fountain.

Harapes chooses the hand-skeletonized Blue Chip

Already through his professional career, the choreographer has a penchant for aesthetics and elegance, but also in his private life, Vlastimil Herapes is a self-confessed admirer of design. So it was not surprising that his choice of a new wristwatch would be the refined Blue Chip Automatic Skeleton. Harapes, a self-confessed lover of watches, was inspired from the first moment, by the completely hand-skeletonized and hand-engraved timekeeper, with 25 rubies, from the Armin Strom Company. During his visit to the factory he was clearly fascinated by the precise and detailed work. A love of detail and striving for perfection are characteristics the man from Prague and the Biel watchmaker share in common. The new automatic version will accompany him in future in both his professional and private lives.