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150m through an underwater caveCarlos Coste sets new Guinness world record for freediving

Carlos Coste has created a new Guinness world record for freediving, after swimming 150 metres through a cave using no apparatus. The Venezuelan was armed with only a torch and a monofin - a single giant flipper worn on both feet - when he made the death-defying dive. The 34-year-old soared through a passage inside Dos Ojos, a colossal cave network that twists for 31 miles under Yucatan, Mexico.

Accompanying Carlos on his latest record-setting dive was a special model from the Oris Diving collection, exlusively created for Carlos to dive in dark caves.

In an interview after the competition Carlos told MyOris: “'I have been doing competitive diving for ten years and this is by far the most bizarre run I have ever made. To achieve this is a dream come true for me. I have been interested in speleology since I was a little boy and to combine this with my profession as a freediver was amazing. This hasn't been done before. Thank you very much to the whole Oris team for your support in 2010!”