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Historical cars Vacheron Constantin

Fine carmaking and Haute HorlogerieVacheron Constantin was main sponsor of the 13th edition of the Tour du Léman

As main sponsor of the 13th edition of the Tour du Léman, Vacheron Constantin enjoyed the privilege of welcoming to its Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates the wonderful historical cars taking part in the race for a short stop-over, before the 23 teams took to the road once more. The first “horseless carriage” race took place in Switzerland in 1898. What was initially a leisurely drive around Lake Léman gradually became a genuine speed race that made its mark on the country’s automobile history. By inviting classic car collectors to participate in this prestigious annual event, the organisers bring back to life the early days of automobiles in the Léman region, to the natural delight of all devotees of fine mechanisms.

Like this magnificent race, Vacheron Constantin also originated on the shores of Lake Léman. Fine carmaking and haute horlogerie as practised by Vacheron Constantin both stem from human genius and are both infused with the fundamental value of fine craftsmanship. Vacheron Constantin, the oldest watch manufacturer with over 255 years of uninterrupted history behind it, is one of the rare companies that can claim to produce watches bearing the famous Hallmark of Geneva, a quality certification that requires an average 40% additional hand workmanship. And finally, Vacheron Constantin watches, like the magnificent cars in the Tour du Léman, are not only collector’s items, but above all objects of heart-felt passion.

After being displayed in Geneva’s Parc des Eaux-Vives between noon and 2.30 pm on Saturday September 18th, the cars set off on a last stretch towards the lake finish in Divonne.