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Stephan SchmidlinCarl F. Bucherer

Fascination with PeopleCarl F. Bucherer supports Stephan Schmidlin’s exhibition in Zurich

From 11 to 23 September 2010, the hitherto most comprehensive work display by Stephan Schmidlin in the former goods station in Zurich makes it possible to experience art at close range. Under the title of “Fascination with People”, 100 naturalist Sculptures inspire critical reflection. Carl F. Bucherer is supporting Stephan Schmidlin, who, thanks to his passionate determination, not only as a wood sculptor, but also as a comedian and gymnast was enjoying a huge success during the last years, as well as his exhibition.

People are at the heart of Stephan Schmidlin’s creative work. His naturalist sculptures confront the observer with the many-sided nature of the human character and the whole spectrum of interpersonal dynamics. Quite simply, they express the very essence of matters. Schmidlin’s works inspire critical reflection, but present themselves at the same time as aesthetically complete. They are snapshots of the movement in the dialogue between harmony and tension, circles blending with squares, always creating new relations between the concrete and the abstract, mass and lightness, and they fascinate with their simplicity and masterly execution.

A clear concise and above all personal line runs through the whole of Schmidlin’s work, both in its form and in its artistic definition: “I never wanted to be part of a trend of the spirit of the times.” So the fully qualified wood sculptor, who also enjoyed great success as “Schmidi” with the Swiss comedy duo the “Schmirinskis” and was Swiss champion of apparatus gymnastics, consistently went his own way and thus was continually able to determine his own time. His works are impregnated with the persuasion, that each person is striving after inner equilibrium – however an equilibrium, which can only be achieved through passion, devotion, perseverance and determination.

This conviction and posture provide a close bond between him and the values of Carl F. Bucherer. This is the reason that the Lucerne watch manufacturer supports the artist and his “Fascination with People” exhibition, which will take place in the former goods station of Zurich from 11 to 23 September 2010. During this hitherto most comprehensive display of his work, 100 of the artist’s sculptures will be exhibited, which have been partly made out of gigantic mammoth tree trunks and partly out of 100-year-old oak casks from the company OVA Produkte AG, at Affoltern am Albis, where Stephan Schmidlin lives. The “star” of the exhibition will however be a 5-metre high group of people entitled “No Time”. Six grown-ups are telephoning, reading the newspaper, playing golf or busy doing something or other. In the middle of the sculpture, stands a small sad boy, who is totally ignored by the group. None of the adults can find the time to look after the child.

The former goods station in Zurich will provide the appropriately urbane and mysterious background for the “Fascination with People” exhibition, which will not only display the art, but also turn it into an experience.