Thorpe & Kurotani

Exclusive photoshoot with famous top actress Tomoka KurotaniOmega brand ambassador Ian Thorpe launches the Omega Bijoux collection in Japan

To officially launch the OMEGA Bijoux collection in Tokyo, OMEGA brand ambassador Ian Thorpe today took part in an exclusive photoshoot with famous top actress Tomoka Kurotani for the magazine FRaU. Prestige watch manufacturer OMEGA presented for the first time in Tokyo its highly successful jewellery collection OMEGA Bijoux, which made its first international debut in Paris in April 2002.

The Swiss watch manufacturer OMEGA has a history that spans over 150 years. This includes pioneering experience in the many fields of watchmaking: from precision competitions to sports timekeeping, from design awards to watches for professional use in space, or under water. Over the years, OMEGA has itself developed considerable expertise in jewellery making, having won several Oscars of the Diamonds International Award with its jewellery collections in the 1960s, as well as seven Golden Rose of Baden-Baden awards for its jewellery in the 1970s and the city of Geneva Prize in 1975. The Bijoux collection comprises elegant, classic pieces: jewellery distilled to its purest and most fluid form.

Like all OMEGA watches, each item in the Bijoux collection benefits from expert design vision and is manufactured to the strictest OMEGA quality standards using only the most precious materials. The arrival of gents' cuff links and rings this year means the Bijoux collection has now become the ideal complement to OMEGA prestige timepieces for both sexes. Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA, who was in Tokyo to preside over the event, said "We are proud to bring the OMEGA Bijoux collection OMEGAMANIA to Japan, which is a very important market to us. The watch market here is very sophisticated and we felt it was timely and appropriate to expand our range of products and introduce the OMEGA Bijoux collection to complement our timepieces.

I am certain the Bijoux collection will do well, as has our ladies' watch collections, especially the highly popular OMEGA Constellation series." For the occasion, OMEGA flew in one of its brand ambassadors, the swimming celebrity Ian Thorpe, to officially launch the OMEGAMANIA collection. After this morning's press conference, OMEGA ambassador Ian Thorpe and famous actress Tomoka Kurotani joined renowned photographer Yoshihito Sasaguchi in a studio near Roppongi Hills to take part in an exclusive fashion photoshoot of the OMEGA bijoux collection OMEGAMANIA for the popular magazine FRaU.

On his way to this special photomodeling session, Ian Thorpe made a public appearance in Roppongi Hills Arena. The official launch by Ian Thorpe, accompanied by Mrs Arlette Emch, President, Swatch Group Japan KK and by Mr Urquhart, President, OMEGA Ltd took place at the Park Hyatt during a cocktail party in presence of Japanese celebrities and top fashion and lifestyle editors. After few words, all three unveiled the exhibition where the most prestigious jewellery pieces of the OMEGAMANIA Bijoux collection were presented for the very first time in Japan.

Print 29.11.2021