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Anna Kournikova

Beautiful ambassador: Anna KournikovaSpectacular launch of OMEGA Bijoux in the Netherlands

Last night, OMEGA introduced the stunning "Bijoux" jewellery collection in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, during the official opening of the unique Millionair Fair. OMEGA's beautiful ambassador Anna Kournikova was present for this fantastic occasion. Kournikova: "Happy Christmas everyone, and buy a lot of Bijoux for your families".

Dressed in a breathtaking dress, Anna Kournikova came to the Netherlands to make the OMEGA Bijoux launch an unforgettable event. After the official opening of the Millionair Fair, by the initiator and OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart, there was a twinkling Marilyn Monroe-act, telling us that Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. Anna Kournikova showed just how special this friendship can be when she appeared on the stage.

A crowd of photographers rushed towards Anna as she walked graciously to the stand of the Swiss brand, to show all the new Bijoux pieces within their own OMEGA environment. Onlookers could not fail to admit that Anna is herself a jewel in flesh and blood; yesterday evening she showed how her natural looks perfectly match the magnificent pieces from the OMEGA Bijoux collection. Omega Bijoux are exclusively available from Amsterdam Diamond Centre.