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Age-old tradition meets contemporary lifestyleVacheron Constantin unveils its Flagship Boutique at 1881 Heritage

Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest Haute Horlogerie manufacturer with over 250 years of uninterrupted history, opened its newest exclusive flagship boutique at 1881 Heritage, the revitalized site of one of Hong Kong’s famous government buildings, in the presence of Juan-Carlos Torres, CEO of Vacheron Constantin, Marc Guten, International Director of Vacheron Constantin and Yann Bouillonnec, Managing Director of Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific.

1881 Heritage encompasses the former Marine Police Headquarters compound and, like Vacheron Constantin, is dedicated to preserving its traditions while integrating itself into contemporary lifestyle, making it the perfect location for the new boutique.

This is Vacheron Constantin’s third boutique in Hong Kong. In line with the design aesthetic of its Vacheron Constantin Maison in Geneva, the new boutique is discreetly decorated with a contemporary luxurious interior design harmonizing with the brand: precious wood, leather, and fixtures and furnishings emanating a warm and serene atmosphere. The boutique makes an intimate and welcoming space for watch enthusiasts and collectors, displaying its exquisite timepieces in refined showcases. Adjacent to the retail and private sales area is the Customer Service Centre that, going far beyond traditional standards, offers after-sales services for wrist watch maintenance by a resident Swiss Watchmaker, previously only available in Geneva. This falls in line with the tradition of horological excellence to which the brand has always remained faithful.

An exclusive series of 3 exceptional timepieces featuring Dragons Guilloché, in limited edition

To celebrate the opening of the new flagship boutique in Hong Kong, and honoring the brand’s long history with China, the Swiss manufacture introduces a very exclusive limited series of 3 “Dragons” watches, each of them available in only 9 numbered pieces, only available at 1881 Heritage in Hong Kong, Vacheron Constantin Mansions in Geneva & Shanghai and Vacheron Constantin boutique in Moscow.

These timepieces featuring dragons on the dial, Chinese symbol of prosperity, creative and divine strength, are hand-made with Métiers d’Art ancestral Guilloché work. The motif stems, calling for exceptional dexterity, are from the alternating use of two machines: one to engine-turn straight lines; and the other curves and circles as if on a lathe. This original combination of these two techniques has made it possible to create non-geometrical patterns entirely different to anything that has been done before.
As the result, the design is composed of irregular lines and a multitude of details with variously coloured metallized coatings, which takes Guilloché well beyond its traditional role as an abstract geometrical decoration to achieve the status of a figurative art in its own right.

The Grand Opening will also be the occasion to discover some exceptional antique timepieces exhibited from the Vacheron Constantin heritage collection in Geneva, each one a unique masterpiece in its own right, highlighting the brand’s rich history and milestones. Most notably, Vacheron Constantin’s first-ever watch, an enamelled dial pocket watch created in 1755 by the founder himself, Jean-Marc Vacheron, will be on display. From September 4th to 6th, visitors to the store can marvel at the exceptional designs of the very first masterpieces which have given rise to some of its current collections like Patrimony, Malte, Overseas, Historiques and 1972.

In addition, watch enthusiasts and journalists were invited to share Vacheron Constantin’s genuine passion in watch-making and legendary brand history at a private luncheon and dinner held at the Peninsula Hotel. There, the Garden Suite was transformed into a time tunnel. Gracing its walls were impressions of the brand’s major milestones and timepieces, reminding guests of the extraordinary influence Vacheron Constantin has made, and continues to make, on the world of luxury timepieces since 1755.