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Breitling as official timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race

Breitling is associating with the ultimate aviation discipline by becoming official timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race. Moreover, a plane flying the Breitling colors will be engaged in the competition throughout the season. Breitling and the Red Bull energy drink manufacturer have signed an agreement by which Breitling will serve as official timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race World Series (RBAR). The partnership covers an initial three-year period.

The Red Bull Air Race features an original competition format in which the world's best pilots face off during races in which talent, speed and precision are essential factors. Each plane is individually timed on an obstacle course comprising a succession of tight turns, dizzying ascents and sharp dives. The technical difficulty of these maneuvers calls for skills and exceptional stamina, since pilots have to withstand gravitational forces of up to 10G while flying their aircraft at speeds of up to 400 km/h. There is no room for error in this kind of contest, especially since it takes place on a relatively compact course that involves flying low to the ground and relatively close to spectators. The 11 races scheduled for 2007 look set to draw record crowds. Indeed, the second leg of the season alone, held in Rio de Janeiro on April 21st, saw one million Brazilians converge on Botafogo Bay, making the Red Bull Air Race the biggest sports event in national history. Various legs of the RBAR are to be staged on all five continents.

Breitling's participation in the Red Bull Air Race World Series is not confined to merely timing the competition; the watch brand's colors will also be flying high with British pilot Nigel Lamb at the controls of his MX2. A familiar face at Breitling, Nigel heads the Breitling Angels aerobatics team, and prior to that spent five seasons with the Breitling Fighters formation. By associating with the Red Bull Air Race, Breitling affirms its passion for aviation through an event that is well on its way to becoming the world's most spectacular motor sport - a competition based on performance, daring and precision.