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Klaus Allofs

Perfect fitKlaus Allofs: Fashion at the Pulse of time

This could be the motto for the cooperation between the Robson Fashion GmbH + Co.KG Lüneburg, Chronoswiss Munich and the successful manager of Werder Bremen, Klaus Allofs, on the occasion of the International Trade Fair Inhorgenta 2003. The Roy Robson Fashion Company, which has made it its goal to provide the man of today with new possibilities to dress individually without stepping over the boundaries of business and casual wear, has found a new partner who embodies this lifestyle and successful business, Klaus Allofs, the former national player and European Soccer Champion of 1980.

This cooperation will be complemented by the presentation of the new Timemaster Chronograph by Chronoswiss, which embodies multi-functionality and innovation at the same time and whose great design perfectly harmonizes with the international style of Roy Robson Fashion and Klaus Allofs.