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Certified on eight types of planeJohn Travolta - The star pilot flies Breitling

A seasoned pilot, certified on eight types of plane, with over 5,000 flying hours under his belt. A watch brand that has lived through some of the grandest hours in aviation history with its "wrist instruments" designed for the most demanding professionals. John Travolta and BREITLING were destined to meet each other.

The passion of a man John Travolta is not only a movie star and a multi-faceted actor. He is also a peerless pilot and an aviation fanatic. As a young boy in his New Jersey garden, he already used to dream as he watched planes criss-crossing the sky near the New York airports. At the age of 16, he began flight lessons, funding his passion with his first actor's paychecks. He earned his pilot's license when he was 19. Today, John Travolta has more than 5,000 flight hours to his credit. He is certified on eight types of aircraft, including the Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet, and travels the world at the controls of his own airliner. His residence in Ocala, Florida, has its own private runway able to welcome jumbo jets, a taxiway leading to the house and a fullfledged terminal to accommodate his various flying machines. Plenty of scope to fulfill his greatest dream: to fly at least once a day.

The vocation of a brand For BREITLING, aviation is second nature, a stronghold, an exclusive preserve. Since 1884, the company has shared in writing some of the finest chapters in the conquest of the skies. Several of its models, such as the NAVITIMER and the CHRONOMAT, have become cult objects for pilots the world over. The Swiss brand has come to specialize in reliable high-performance "wrist instruments", designed for the most demanding professionals. Its chronographs meet the highest criteria of sturdiness and functionality, and are all equipped with movements chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) - the highest benchmark in terms of precision and reliability.

The fruit of an encounter John Travolta nurtures a passion for everything that embodies the authentic spirit of aviation. Which is why BREITLING wrist instruments have accompanied him on some of his best flight hours. To illustrate this encounter, John Travolta will appear as of 2005 in a new BREITLING advertising campaign. The visuals were shot by Patricia von Ah on the private runway of the Travolta residence in Ocala, Florida. The emphasis is clearly on John Travolta's professionalism as a pilot, on his peerless experience, and on the authentic ties binding him to the brand with the winged B. Because when you are certified on eight types of aircraft and have chalked up over 5,000 flight hours, reliability, security and precision are definitely not about play-acting.