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Nicolas G. Hayek

Who invented it?Nicolas Hayek tried to prevent his biography from being written

Nagel & Kimche will publish «Mister Swatch, Nicolas Hayek and the secret of his success» on 7 September 2009. The renowned economic journalist Jürg Wegelin has written the book. He has known and has followed Hayek for more than 30 years now. Wegelin has researched in Hayek’s native Lebanon and interviewed virtually 60 former companions, colleagues and competitors for his book project.

Hayek tried hard to prevent the research as well as the book. At the beginning, Hayek’s sister, who still lives in Lebanon, was very talkative. However, after talking to her brother, she broke off all contact. The Swatch Group’s press office tried to prevent the usage of Swatch photos in the book as well as the photos showing Hayek chosen for the cover. Likewise, the Swatch Group took action against the designation “immigrant” in the advertising text for the book.

The book tells how Nicolas Hayek, who was born on 19 February 1928 in Lebanon, established the Swatch corporation and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Hayek’s young days and the establishment of his consulting firm Hayek Engineering are among the highlights of the book. Under the title “who invented it? The Swatch is paternity tested“, contemporary witnesses tell for the first time how this innovative watch was developed.