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Certina and Stuntman Extraordinaire Oliver Keller – Impressive Teamwork

Over the past several years, Certina and Swiss-born stuntman Oliver Keller have enjoyed a close and fruitful business partnership.  As one of Hollywood’s most sought- after stuntmen, Oliver Keller is known for split-second precision, reliability and nerves of steel, making him an ideal ambassador for Certina’s product line DS Cascadeur (French for stuntman).

To mention a few better-known productions, Oliver Keller has acted as stuntman in the movies Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Master and Commander, Star Trek: Nemesis and the TV series Crossing Jordan, 24 and CSI: Miami. In 2000, Swiss-born Oliver leaped over the Atlantic to try his luck in Hollywood.  Prior to achieving fame as a stuntman, Oliver Keller was stuntman and coordinator for several European movie productions.  He prepared for his exciting career by attending a stunt school in Dusseldorf.  Incidentally, the Herman Joha school has trained some of the most requested stuntmen in Hollywood.  In 2007, Oliver Keller opened his own stunt school in Interlaken, Switzerland. Several times a year, this charismatic actor, who now lives with his family on the outskirts of Los Angeles, makes return visits to his homeland.

Oliver Keller has worked in close collaboration with Certina since 2001.  What better proof indeed, of the high quality of Certina DS Cascadeur watches, than acting as sidekick to a consummate professional whose daily life includes leaping through glass or fire, jumping out of windows and taking part in wild car or motorcycle races?  To this day, Certina watches equipped with the DS+ system (Double Security) can withstand the worst of conditions.  Add to this that Certina and the extreme actor share a passion for perfection and things that go exactly according to plan, and you have a winning team for sure.