Jack Heuer, Dr. Adam

An exceptional contemporary document – the man of the watches Jack Heuer

Jack W. Heuer is one of the few living legends of the Swiss watch industry. He is Honorary President of the company TAG Heuer and the great-grandson of the company’s founder, Edouard Heuer. His knowledge of the Swiss watch industry is as unique as his knowledge of the brand itself. It was he who launched true classics as the CARRERA, the AUTAVIA and the MONACO. He, who has always considered design and technology among his strengths, still works today as a creative force in the development of new TAG Heuer models. His exacting knowledge stemming from the brand's sporty heritage, together with his "watchmaker's eye” find their way into the current creations.

After successfully graduating in Electrical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Jack W. Heuer joined the family business in 1958 and soon was appointed Technical Director. Already in 1959, one year later, he assumed the executive Director position. Under Jack W. Heuer, the Swiss watch company became known for its exceptional timepieces and chronographs in the 1960ies and 1970ies. Heuer became the preferred brand of the racing world. June 26, 1982 marked a fateful day for Jack W. Heuer, when the quartz crisis forced him to get rid of his company and sell the family business.

During the interview with Dr. Klaus Adam you will get to know the man of the watches Jack W. Heuer on a very personal and impressive level.

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Print 30.06.2022