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In the same breath as the professionalsDAVOSA sponsors world record-holding diver Nikolay (Nik) Linder

Freedivers are a different species: Instead of using compressed air cylinders, they dive down into the ocean’s depths as far as a single breath will take them. And that’s really quite far in the case of a professional freediver like Nik Linder.

As a multiple world record holder in various freediving disciplines and now partner and representative of DAVOSA, he is the perfect person to put a watch like the Argonautic Lumis through its paces.

Nik is a purist and the gear he uses leaves nothing to chance. This is particularly true of his choice of watch. Nik had been impressed by the Argonautic Lumis Chronograph even before his association with DAVOSA. “The watch has everything a professional diver needs. The Lumis is easy to read and simple to operate, and has luminous hands and indices. These are important when visibility is restricted under water. And because the watch also looks great, it was as much a gut decision as a rational one”, explains the multiple world record holder, whose speciality is distance diving under ice.

Breaking world records is not the only thing Nik is good at. As a much sought-after diving coach, he believes that diving should go hand in hand with conserving the environment and its resources. A philosophy that sits well with the minimalism of free-diving. As well as with the DAVOSA Argonautic Lumis with its mechanical automatic movement that is solely powered by the natural movement of its wearer