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Hermann Goertz – Opening of Special ExhibitionGerman Watch Museum Glashütte honors pioneer of watchmaking

On 19th April 2012, the special exhibition “Hermann Goertz – Precision Watchmaker and Cosmopolitan” was opened at the German Watch Museum Glashütte. The vernissage was attended by numerous guests of regional politics and business, representatives of the artistic and the cultural scene, time witnesses and honorary citizens of Glashütte, lenders of precious exhibits, watch aficionados and collectors from all over Germany, heads of partner museums and auction houses as well as representatives of the watchmaking companies of Glashütte.

This special exhibition aims to acknowledge the rich life of a master watchmaker, genius and cosmopolitan, who was born 150 years ago on 2nd April 1862 and who was destined to become an icon of finest German watchmaking.

The name of the precision watchmaker Hermann Goertz – creator of the famous Glashütte art clock – is closely linked to the few remaining but nevertheless precious precision pendulum clocks that he crafted during his lifetime. His passion for precision timekeeping has led to important technical developments in the form of two escapement systems; the bell gravity escapement and the claw gravity escapement.

Always eager to learn and to expand his horizons, he became the oldest student at the German School of Watchmaking and – after his graduation – took up a teaching position at the school. As a dedicated student and a respected teacher, he always worked towards the utmost perfection and precision.

The clocks and escapement models that he created are today precious time witnesses of a long development. Since its completion, the unique astronomical art clock of Hermann Goertz can be admired in the building of the former German School of Watchmaking, which houses today the German Watch Museum Glashütte.

The exhibition focuses on precious pendulum clocks with claw and bell gravity escapement, technical drawings and sketch books, escapement models as well as personal pictures and photographs. His life is traced from his childhood in West Prussia and the years as a young man in Ukraine to his move to Saxony to further his watchmaking education.

The friendship with Alfred Helwig, another genius of Glashütte, is a further theme of the exhibition. This deep friendship is documented by correspondence and pictures, showing yet another aspect of Hermann Goertz’ life and personality. This special exhibition will be on display from 20th April to 17th June 2012 at the German Watch Museum Glashütte.

A booklet that accompanies the exhibition is available at the museum shop for 6.50 Euro.