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The Armin Racing Regulator by Timo GlockTimo Glock visited watch manufactory of Armin Strom

Timo Glock, ARMIN STROM Brand Ambassador, visited his F1 team sponsor’s watch manufactory in Biel and participated in a production workshop.  Timo learnt about the precision, technology and passion required and the importance of every small detail contributing to the watch’s final success – in fact, many aspects reminded him of Formula 1. His steady hands during the workshop seemed to indicate a natural watchmaking talent, even though he has no previous experience.

On his second visit to Biel some weeks later, Timo Glock was given his chance. Under professional guidance he assembled his own personal ARMIN RACING REGULATOR. He assembled the extremely refined, hand-finished components into a watch movement, which he tested and finally mounted in a watch case.

The individual bridges of the ARMIN RACING REGULATOR are made from the engine block of his Formula 1 racing car. Delivered from England, the material is melted down in a small artisanal foundry in St. Gallen, then rolled and pressed into sheets from which the movement components are stamped.

So the personable Marussia F1 Team driver is wearing part of his Formula 1 racing car on his wrist. While such a car engine will race for some 40 hours, the powerful and unique timekeeper will provide its new owner with enjoyment forever.