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An installation by Numen/For UseRado

Vienna Design Week 2008Rado displays an installation by Numen/For Use

During Vienna Design Week 2008 Rado displays an installation by Numen/For Use in the Swiss watchmaker’s Vienna store from 2 to 12 October. Numen/For Use’s Christoph Katzler, Nikola Radeljkovic, and Sven Jonke have established a reputation for their unique sense of the dynamic potential of space and reflected light.

The Vienna installation will frame and confine a space in which reflections of neon grids reflect and reverberate off one another into infinity, elevating a simple geometric arrangement into a mesmerizing arrangement of light and space. In constructions of neon tubes and translucent mirrors, grids of endlessly reflected light recede into bottomless space, as mirrors endlessly repeat and deconstruct the parameters of the construction. Their collaboration with Rado is the reflection of a shared feeling for the most elemental yet vibrant materials, a common attraction to the interplay of light, space and matter. Just as Rado has been a pioneer in bringing the dimensions of depth, light and color to watch design, so too Numen/For Use has made the borderlands of perception and imagination their most fruitful terrain. The alliance during Vienna Design Week is fruit of a common feeling for the hallucinatory possibilities inherent in the meeting of light and its absence, of the static made dynamic through the medium of the viewer’s eye.