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A specially created model for sailing sportsArmin Strom presents Regulator with shipbuilding technology

A unique sponsoring event organised by the watch manufacturer, Armin Strom, and its partner, Marazzi Sailing, took place on 23 June, in the special atmosphere of the Bernese castle in Gümligen. A miniature sailing regatta was organised, in keeping with the theme of the exclusive occasion. The replica model boats, which raced in the exciting competition, in the castle’s indoor pool, were barely a metre long.

Later, the wind and ocean climate also found their way into the culinary selections, as the celebrity cook and Funky Kitchen Club Chef, René Schudel, pampered the approximately twenty invited guests with a Mediterranean-inspired gourmet menu.

On the mast of time: a watch movement made of boat parts

A limited edition series of twelve models of the noble wristwatches was conceived especially for the partnership. The new collection of the Biel-based watch manufacturer is to be marketed under the name of ‘ARMIN Sailing Regulator’. The sailing theme is not only reflected in the colouring of the timepieces. Shipbuilding technology is much more deeply involved in the watch movement itself. A ship’s mast made of the highest quality aluminium was melted down and further processed in the manufacture of individual components. The twelve exclusive models were presented at the event in Gümligen castle and the guests were given their chance to purchase the watches. The majority of the proceeds went to Marazzi Sailing, to subsidise their preparation for the Olympic games.

Sport and watches in perfect harmony

The sailor and 5.5m class world champion, Flavio Marazzi, was clearly most enthusiastic about the new timepieces from the Armin Strom company. The budding Olympic participant, who was once again voted national sailor of the year, enjoys a close relationship with the watch manufacturer. According to him, it is values such as innovation, pioneering spirit, single-mindedness and precision that the Marazzi Sailing Team shares with the Biel-based manufacturer. Incidentally, the celebrity chef, René Schudel, who looked after the culinary well-being of the guests at the event, is also privately an ardent wearer of Armin Strom watches.