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Longstanding tradition of precision timekeepingHanhart - At the Races!

Motorsport has been synonymous with the Hanhart name for decades. Its active involvement in major vintage car rallies and its sponsorship of selected events in this field reinforce the brand’s longstanding tradition of precision timekeeping in motorsport.

When the first car races were held in the early 20th century, new high-precision
instruments were needed to measure time reliably. In Hanhart, the organisers
of these events found what they were looking for. The watch manufacturer
began producing hand-held mechanical stopwatches in its workshops in
Southern Germany in 1924, a pioneer in this field. With its “Superschnellschwinger”
(super-fast) watch with a frequency of 360,000 vibrations per hour,
Hanhart became the first manufacturer to enable hundredths of a second to be
measured. Hanhart thus quickly became synonymous with precision timekeeping,
and soon developed into the most important producer of timemeasuring

High-quality mechanical stopwatches, which are produced in Hanhart’s
manufactory in Gütenbach in countless individual work steps, are still one of the
Swiss-German watch brand’s key product segments. Nowadays they are an
invaluable companion at rallies, particularly for ambitious drivers of vintage

In the spirit of Hanhart’s long tradition of timekeeping in motorsport, the
manufacturer has been present at the key vintage car events in Germany since
the beginning of this season. The brand, which continues to specialise in the
manufacture of precise, reliable and functional instrument watches, is the title
sponsor of the Rallye Solitude Historic in Stuttgart (July) and the Jochpass
Memorial in Bad Hindelang (September/October), and also sponsors major
races such as the ZF Sachs Franken Classic in Bad Kissingen (June), the Württembergische Classic in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (July) and the 39. AvD
Oldtimer-Grand-Prix in August at the Nürburgring. The company’s own Hanhart
Historic Racing Team also takes part in rallies such as the Gaisbergrennen, the
Tiefenbronn Classic, the Sommer Monte, the Eggbergrennen, the Haldenhof
Revival and the Heidelberg Historic with well-loved vintage cars such as a 1938
Alvis 12/70 or a 1958 Porsche 356 A. Further activities in other key markets are
planned for the next few years.