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A symbolic timepieceBOVET

A symbolic timepiece rich in symbolsBOVET Only Watch 2011

BOVET has historically shown particular support for charities related to causes aiding suffering children. In keep with this precept, BOVET will be participating in the third Only Watch auction for Duchenne Muscular Distrophy Research. For September 2011, BOVET will bestow a timepiece created specifi cally for this occasion. It will reveal its uniqueness by a traditional artisan engraving decoration in line with the identity of BOVET and the message of hope that Pascal Raffy wishes to transmit.

For this occasion, he chose to ornate the 7-day Tourbillon BOVET with Reverse Hand-Fitting. Like the entire Fleurier collection, this timepiece is housed in an Amadeo case. This concept, unveiled in 2009 at the Only Watch auction, allows the wearer, without requiring the use of any tools, to convert their wristwatch into a table clock or pocket watch as well as a reversible display uniquely adapted to Bovet tourbillons. The tourbillon movement, developed and crafted by DIMIER 1738, Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie, displays hours and minutes accurately on both sides of the timepiece with the ingenious reverse hand-fitting.

It is this very duality that inspired the theme of the hand-engraved decoration of this timepiece rich in symbolism. The lineage of the BOVET house is closely linked to China since its foundation in 1822. Moreover, the dragon and the phoenix which adorn the dial and case were born in the Chinese mythology. The dragon represents the supreme spiritual power and is associated to the Emperor of China. It symbolizes celestial and terrestrial power, wisdom and strength. Living in water, it brings prosperity and luck, and, according to Chinese belief, brings rain in times of need. It has deer horns, ears of cattle, a camel’s head, the neck of a snake, a crocodile, greenhouses vulture and tiger’s feet.

Emblem of the Empress of China, the phoenix is one of the four celestial animals, supernatural or sacred in ancient China. Beyond immortality, it is a symbol of achievement, success and luck. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the dragon and phoenix coupled together embody the perfect harmony of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’.

It is the dragon that adorns the surface of the front dial. Completely hand-engraved, its body undulates and overflows onto the bezel and the case-side. In order to preserve the continuity of the lines and graphic pattern from the dial to the bezel, varying greatly in surface angles, the watchmakers of DIMIER 1738 manufactured a specifically redesigned dial plate to be concave and ensure a smooth transition for this dragon’s body.

The attention to detail has drastically complicated the task of the master engraver, but provided a perfect scenario to demonstrate their unique talent. Also on the front of the timepiece is the tourbillon cage, which carries a flaming pearl engraved by hand instead of the traditional second hand. Symbolizing creation, it evokes wisdom and knowledge and turns while in the clutches of the dragon making a complete revolution in sixty seconds. To ensure optimum legibility and not taking away from the surface for engraving, the power reserve indicator, the traditionally hand display has been replaced by a disk displayed through a small window situated at nine o’clock. The dial that displays the reverse hand-fitting, which is slightly smaller than the main dial on the front, covers over three-quarters of the surface movement. This is where the phoenix is engraved with its wingspan specifi cally designed to be balanced harmoniously with a whirlwind. In total, no less than three hundred hours of work were required solely for the decoration of this unique timepiece.

It is with this achievement infused with all the savoir faire and unique artisan skills of the craftsmen of the BOVET house and the DIMIER 1738 Manufacture, that Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET 1822 and Dimier 1738, makes his donation to the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy in expressing his wish that this contribution facilitates research to achieve the goals and hopes vested in this charity.