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eBay forbidden from selling copies and fakes from LVMH eBay is responsible and will have to pay

In the dispute regarding fake LVMH luxury products on eBay, the Paris Court of Appeal markedly reduced their compensation demand on the 3rd of September 2010. Instead of the originally sum of 38.6 million euros, eBay must now pay "only" 5.6 million euros. This means that eBay are responsible for any forgeries and copies on offer on their site, and are required to remove these immediately and to implement suitable measures to protect branded products. Following a 2008 judgment, eBay had used software to filter out LVMH perfumes from the 200 million articles on offer daily.

The judgement was confirmed in principle from June 2008. Ebay had been sentenced to a compensation demand of 38.6 million euros due to the fake LVMH products on their site. As a result of this judgement, LVMH now sees the possibility to bring future cases in other countries. According to eBay, similar attempts had failed up until now.