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No increased likelihood of danger at watch fairsFirearms licences increasingly more difficult for watch dealers to get their hands on

The Higher Administrative Court in Luneburg decided on the 23rd of January 2010 that jewellers have no legal right to a gun licence in order to defend themselves and their business during a raid. Following the judgement, the Higher Administrative Court speaker explained that the danger of a jeweller becoming a victim of a robbery is not substantially higher than for a member of the general public.

In the first instance, two plaintive employees of a watch, jewellery and antique business were awarded the right apriori after the city of Hannover had refused the approval on the granting of a gun licence. The judges maintained the view that both individuals did not want to attend trade fairs unprotected as they were already permitted to bear arms at their business premises and at home. However, the Higher Administrative Court saw this differently.

This judgment follows an increasingly restrictive attitude over the last few years towards the awarding of firearms licences. This stricter attitude applies not only to the watch and jewellery sector but is to be ascertained in society in general. Since the killing sprees in Erfurt and Winnenden, the authorities are examining requests for weapons ever more strictly and increasingly refusing to award gun licences.