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Unwanted Advertising Spammers love Rolex

Nobody wants them, everybody gets them: Spam mails. These undesirable mails have been devoted to the subject of sex over the past few years but now the senders have discovered a new subject: High-quality brand products. According to the e-mail specialists at Retarus, brand-name articles are increasingly the subject of spam mails. In the "Retarus Spam Report", the enterprise examines the standard content of undesirable advertising mails.

Every third spam mail dealt with sex-based offers, such Viagra sales or penis lengthening products, in the first quarter of last year. However, this proportion shrunk to just 17.5% in the first quarter of 2009. Nowadays, mails with the heading "Rolex" take the dubious honour of first place.

Spam is the name for undesirable and unrequested messages that are transmitted, as a rule, via electronic media and often contain advertising content. This process is called spamming, and is instigated by spammers. Unrequested e-mail advertising content can contravene competition laws and can be prevented by an injunctive relief clause against the sender. The regularity and number of spam mails sent by the sender is irrelevant: An injunctive relief clause can be invoked from the very first e-mail.