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Realisation at the last Operator Thomas H. Ernst deletes untruthful posts

Libellous and untruthful contributions in various watch forums and blogs were aimed at TrustedWatch over the last few weeks by some, predominantly anonymous, users. The Swiss watch forum was also involved.

In a libellous manner, TrustedWatch was said to have bought Facebook fans in Lithuania, and that TrustedWatch is involved in participation in enterprises which do not exist as such. Even operator Thomas H. Ernst was tempted to purport the absurd supposition that TrustedWatch may have been involved in tax evasion.

Following unrequited demands from TrustedWatch that operator Thomas H. Ernst delete the offending words, complete lists of documentary evidence were presented to lawyers in order that they may proceed in preparation of a case for both deletion and compensation against Thomas H. Ernst. In parallel, TrustedWatch attempted to reach an out of court settlement. At the last minute, Thomas H. Ernst came to the conclusion that the disseminated material was not only legally untenable, but also that a judgement by a German court would be unequivocal.

As a result, Thomas H. Ernst deleted the affected passages without legal recourse, and asked his forum members to refrain from such posts in the future. The omission explanation demanded is still pending, however, even though this may be a formality. As soon as this has been delivered to TrustedWatch, TrustedWatch say they will refrain from further action and financial claims against Thomas H. Ernst.

However, a total of eight anonymous forum users from various forums and blogs who attempted to damage TrustedWatch have not got away so lightly. They have failed to react to the offer of out of court deals. Their personal data has been ascertained through extensive searches. These offenders will soon be facing conviction in cease-and-desist cases ranging from intervention in a running industrial concern, as well as defamation and insulting behaviour. The affected persons now face payment of high research costs, court and lawyer costs, fines, as well as compensation claims.

In one case, a forum user had spread the allegation on two forums that TrustedWatch had bought Facebook fans in Lithuania. He did not react to settlement offers, and he was personally located in the course of extensive inquiries. TrustedWatch were able to prove in subsequent detailed discussions, and with the assistance of an accountant, that in fact no fans had been bought. It was explicitly proven by TrustedWatch that this Baltic fan base grew rapidly on Facebook following the instigation of watch lotteries and competitions with rewards of over 50,000 euros in 2011. A weaker, but comparable wave took place, for example, in Great Britain.

At the moment, inquiries continue against five people. The management and friends of TrustedWatch have resolved to take legal action against these people because these offences are not peccadilloes; rather they are criminal offences. And today it's as valid as it always will be: Zero tolerance.