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Aiming at New Target GroupsTrustedWatch begin their watch competition

Starting immediately, TrustedWatch will be holding a monthly watch competition in which the participants can win elegant and high-quality watches. During the next few months, luxury watches by Breitling, Omega, and Rolex, as well as many other watch manufacturers will be up for grabs on TrustedWatch.

The watch competition is a part of the new and enlarged communication strategy from TrustedWatch. Over the next months, the largest German-speaking watch portal will be targeting new target groups online for the watch sector. It's already becoming clear after only a few days that, for example, the new TrustedWatch Facebook presence has attracted a disproportionate number of female users who appear to have been inspired by the online watch internet presence. Moreover, with the use of this additional platform, the new market of the younger generation, the so-called "Generation Facebook", should be tapped by the watch sector.

Additional interest will be created by limited watch offers at special prices, as well as vouchers which are offered to users by TrustedWatch exclusively from the specialised trade. The initial phase will begin with a CX Swiss Military SW1 by the Swiss watch manufacturer Charmex. Users of TrustedWatch receive an exclusive 15% discount on this unusual diver's watch.

The medium-term aim is to directly inform tens of thousands of users about current watch topics and to respond via the social networks. To achieve this aim, TrustedWatch will invest a high 6-figure sum of euros into the necessary measures over the next few months, according to Managing Director Frank Ammann.