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New German Red Cross campaignDRK

Acknowledging social and community responsibilitiesTrustedWatch supports the German Red Cross

The German Red Cross is able to perform its work as one of the largest relief organisations in Germany only with the support from various sectors of the population. In consideration of the latest natural disasters in Japan, Haiti and Pakistan, the German Red Cross is in greater demand than ever.

Currently, TrustedWatch is supporting the German Red Cross' latest advertising campaign with free banner space on their homepage and every sub-page. In the name of all employees, Editor in Chief Dr. Klaus Adam would like to ask you to donate to this worthwhile cause. TrustedWatch says Thank You!

As a responsible enterprise, TrustedWatch GmbH has been involved in social and community projects for many years. Active at the regional level in events like business conferences as well as Kulturpalazzo, and nationwide, with donations to organisations like UNICEF and SOS Kinderdörfer, all made possible by the renunciation of Christmas presents to business partners. Editor in Chief Dr. Klaus Adam explains: "For us, as a successful online enterprise, it's part of our self-image not just to talk about our social and community responsibilities, but to act on this conviction on a day-to-day basis." And Frank Ammann and Andreas Fischer from Flein say, that they hope that many Users donate to the German Red Cross.