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Not a good example!

Long live the clever copyists and the fraudsters!Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg: Not a good example to the watch sector!

Real watch collectors are a demanding sort. For them a watch is only genuine if all of the parts are original. Not only this. All of the service work must be carried out in compliance with the manufacturer, and only a complete service history protects against depreciation. Even the smallest inconsistency or discrepancy in its history or an irregular servicing can lead to a considerable loss in value. And it's even worse when it comes to collector's watches. If just one part is not original, a high-quality investment becomes a nice watch that might still be valuable, but nothing more.

So it's no wonder that it is precisely within the watch sector and the watch industry that the highest value is placed upon the reliability of all partners. Virtues like honesty, truthfulness and trustworthiness are extremely important in this field. And because of this, it is even more incomprehensible for people who work in the watch sector that these values are currently being stamped upon by the bourgeois political parties, and in particular by the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel with regard to the Guttenberg case. It is the betrayal of the middle-classes, and the basic Christian values which regulate how we live together and deal with one another that have existed for centuries by consensual agreement. This is about decency and morality!

About Marriages and Plagiarists

The fact that the Federal Minister of Defence, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has been exposed as a fraud of the worst kind is, in consideration of his popularity amongst the population, more than disappointing. However, this ought not to turn our eyes away from the truth. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg cobbled together a doctoral thesis copied from other people, together with some of his own passages, and then published under his own name. To put it in watch industry terms: He built his own brand-name watch from many parts which he had copied from other manufacturers and sold it as the genuine article. A watch of this kind can demand the highest prices, provided that it is not recognised as a marriage or plagiarism. But as soon as it is unmasked it becomes worthless. A watch trader or auctioneers that sold such a watch would surely be called to account and would have to pay a fine for deceit or fraud and/or deception. And not only that: The reputation of the supplier would be ruined for years and nobody would accept them as a business partner.

Currently, the politicians from the conservative camp are trying to define our value system anew and to shift it. Plagiarism, lies and deception; all this is intended to be normal in future. For the watch sector this translates as: Watch designs, technical innovations and patents are freely available to anyone, branding and utility models mean absolutely nothing, and copies and forgeries from the concessionaire are rather the rule than the exception. In the case of damages, it's just too bad for the injured party; long live the clever copyist and swindler!

The fact that Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg decorates his wrist with a Patek Philippe shows exactly how much the Federal Minister really understands about true values. If he really was true to himself, he would remove this watch and wear a cheap Rolex "Made in China“imitation. It only remains only to hope that the Federal Minister resigns quickly. The watch sector has no need of forgers and copyists!