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New Buyer Protection by TrustedWatchAs of 2011: Purchase watches online even more securely

The watch market at will become even more secure as of 1 January 2011 due to the new free Buyer Protection! As of next year, TrustedWatch will compensate up to 5,000 Euro in the event of damage or loss when purchasing a watch at High security standards and comprehensive regular reviews of suppliers help to enable this unique and free insurance protection for watch buyers on the international watch market.

As a watch buyer you are safeguarded, free of charge, for the event of an entitled objection or in the event of no or incorrect delivery for up to 4 weeks following the date of purchase in accordance with the General Insurance conditions and also providing you have paid for your watch acquired at via bank transfer, direct debit or credit card and have also completed the insurance policy prior to purchase.

“As of 1st January 2011, TrustedWatch ensures even more security and confidence when purchasing a watch with Buyer Protection! Because Online-Shoppers are safeguarded with the help of Buyer Protection by TrustedWatch and they can be reassured when selecting a supplier they have had no previous experience with“, explains Managing Director Frank Ammann.