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Bienvenue! Welcome! 歡迎! Willkommen! Benvenuto! 반갑습니다! Bienvenido! Buy and sell watches in over 20 languages – the watch market by TrustedWatch

The enthusiasm for watches and timekeepers is international and everywhere, watches are traded in all languages of this world. In order to meet the constantly increasing visitor numbers on TrustedWatch and the wishes of our users, the watch market is available not only in German and English, but as of today, also in over 20 languages. Thus, the watch market of TrustedWatch reaches the most important business and culture regions directly and without detours.

In addition, all country domains of TrustedWatch, like e.g. and now refer directly to the market place in the respective country language in the future. There is no faster and easier way! And this is also new: The database for the watch market is now saved on own servers at, in order to enable even better access times for our users.

International expansion in the focus

„The watch market of TrustedWatch in their language, this was one of the requests that users sent to us most frequently, and thus also one of our most desired ambitions.“ explains chief editor Dr. Klaus Adam. Now this important partial goal was realized on the watch market for the further international expansion of TrustedWatch. And Manager Frank Ammann is happy: „Further languages will follow soon, and continue to strengthen our claim as leading international medium in the area of watches.“