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Orphan baby SebastianDRK

Free advertisementsTrustedWatch supports earthquake aid of the German Red Cross

Rubble, hunger, and death: The devastating earthquake on January 12th, followed one week later by yet another, hits Haiti especially hard as one of the poorest and weakest countries of the world. The emergency aid of the German Red Cross has been running at full power ever since.

The destructive earthquake injured and traumatized many people, and left them without housing, and in despair. The people there have lost family – like little Sebastian, who lost his mother. The DRK helps to reach these people now with the things needed most: For example medical help in the hospital station.

The watch portal TrustedWatch now places free of charge advertisements for the DRK to actively support the work of the DRK and the help for the people. Help the people in Haiti. Give safety and a piece of future with your donation. The DRK and TrustedWatch say thank you!

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