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Social bookmarking servicesTrustedWatch fully embraces social networks, Mister Wong, Yigg: Social bookmarking services are helpful Internet navigation aids which offer the possibility to determine the relevance of information on the Internet. Links bookmarked or recommended by many users are rated “good”. Thus only the community decides which links are more relevant than others.

Every user can create bookmark lists online and add keywords, descriptions and categories. This procedure is called “tagging”. Every list is then available for all users on the Internet. Unlike search engines like Google, Social Bookmarkings do not rank websites or articles on the Internet according to keywords, but rather according to their actual importance to the users. Thus Social Bookmarking has become a real alternative to conventional search engines.

As part of the current update process, TrustedWatch is now increasingly including social bookmarks. From now on you can find the function “Social Networks” with all important Social Bookmarks under each article.