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Most renowned timepiece portalTrustedWatch on course for growth and success

TrustedWatch remains on course for success: With an average of more than 50,000 unique users* per month, the international timepiece portal TrustedWatch reached a new record level in 2008. Our wide range of information has attracted and fully convinced thousands of new users on a sustained basis. The main reasons for the steadily increasing number of users are the professional editorial and interactive services and the continuously growing watch marketplace launched in summer 2008. We are offering currently more than 5,000 brands and luxury watches.

According to most companies, the fact that our website was able to position itself in the market so quickly is due to its excellent editorial and interesting content tailored to the watch lover on the one hand and to the high user-friendliness of the marketplace on the other hand. However, also our professionalism and the very high security standards are reasons why customers and business partners approved of our marketplace so quickly.

The users are both, repeat visitors as well as first time visitors, who continuously access TrustedWatch thanks to our good positions in search engines. Topic oriented domains such as, and also lead the first time visitors to TrustedWatch.

"TrustedWatch offers our users a unique mixture of current information, extensive service and innovative content concerning watches," Dr. Klaus Adam says, chief editor of TrustedWatch. “Our success shows that the services our website has to offer are convincing and are promoting customer loyalty on a sustained basis. “Last year, the journalistic content was expanded massively and a page for moving images was added.” We are moving to get closer to our customers”, Dr. Klaus Adam explains.

TrustedWatch is the most renowned timepiece portal with editorial content for the German-speaking countries. Our schedule for 2009: further innovations and continuous expansion of the information service. Our goal is to strengthen our undisputed market leadership, nationally as well as internationally.

* All data on users and page views as measured in accordance with the IVW standard. Automatic requests by robots and search engines are taken out. Unlike some other providers our specifications are realistic use values and not artificially inflated data.