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The number of English-speaking users increases dramatically.For the first time; over 10,000 Unique Users per day at

The high international fan figures on Facebook have had a very positive effect on the access figures of the English-speaking TrustedWatch site and the international watch market on>>>>>>>>>>. On the 17th of July 2011, the figure of 10,000 Unique Users was registered for the first time on, and these access figures continue to rise in the watch market. Together with the German-speaking offer, TrustedWatch currently receives visits at the rate of approx. 25,000 Unique Users per day.

Obviously the "conventional" online offer continuously persuades many Facebook fans from all four corners of the Earth to visit the TrustedWatch site.

"With our innovative strategy we are now reaching new, and for the watch branch relevant, target groups faster than expected,“ says Managing Director Frank Ammann with obvious content. In the medium term, Frank Ammann also intends to set up for the English-speaking language area as a leading light in the watch branch. In order to achieve this, considerable efforts will be underway over the next few months, and other investments will be implemented.

Up to the end of 2011, Frank Ammann wants to be able to welcome 1 million Unique Users monthly to the TrustedWatch internet sites. And in addition, there are also the visits to the company's Facebook site, currently registering approx. 1.8 million article hits monthly.