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In just a few days!160.000 hits for the most expensive watch on the watch market

These are very impressive figures, even for the watch sector. Over half a million hits on Facebook were registered by TrustedWatch from the 2nd to the 8th of July, 2011. Front runner was the report on the most expensive watch in the TrustedWatch watch market - a Breitling Bovet - with more than 160,000 "hits"! These access figures for the advertisement of a used watch break all international watch sector records to date.

For Manager Frank Ammann and for TrustedWatch, linking up with the most important social networks will have top priority over the coming months. From his point of view, both used watch buyers and prospective customers will benefit enormously from the new possibilities on TrustedWatch. In addition, he promises many other interesting innovations this year. By the way, the next innovation concerns the international watch trade. This much can be divulged: It starts this month!