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New advertising campaignBaume & Mercier

Life is about momentsBaume & Mercier’s new advertising campaign

2011 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Swiss Maison d’Horlogerie, which was founded in 1830. Aware of the goodwill the company elicits, Baume & Mercier will naturally focus its image today on the ideas of conviviality and authenticity, two concepts which are part of a genuine way of life.

This certain vision of lifestyle expresses itself through the “casually elegant” universe of one’s family and friends, two halves forming a circle of loved ones, the essential circle within which each of life’s moments becomes meaningful.

Bolstered by the momentum generated by the presentation of its new brand universe in January at the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie), Baume & Mercier now unveils its new advertising campaign, a lively and spontaneous interpretation of the brand’s lifestyle vision.

Seaside living in the Hamptons

The campaign’s concept: to embody the brand's new vision, seaside living in the Hamptons, and create a graphic expression of the Maison d’Horlogerie’s motto: Life is about moments. The photo shoot took place in Long Island's East Hampton, with real families, on a backdrop of laughter and the joyous shouts of children. The campaign is comprised of six images, each showing a moment of real life captured unexpectedly, and each filled with the emotion that only real connections can create. The timepieces from two new 2011 Baume & Mercier collections, Capeland and Linea, are exhibited in a natural way which further adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the shoot.

With this warm and captivating campaign, Baume & Mercier grows closer to its loyal customers, while at the same time engaging a broad group of new watch experts and future aficionados.

Francesco Carrozzini - Photographer of the Life is about moments campaign

Francesco Carrozzini was born in Italy in 1982. His love of images throughout his childhood inspired him at a young age to make small films, the beginnings of his future career. At the age of 16, he  studied cinematography in the United States but upon his return to Milan chose to study philosophy at University.  Soon after, however, he began to work on documentaries and TV segments. His short films have been shown at the Cardi Gallery in Milan, the Diane von Furstenberg Gallery in New York and at the Jeu de Paume Museum in Paris. He was nominated for “best young director" at the Cannes Film Festival. At the same time, he has been sought out by several magazines and has worked as a freelance photographer for Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, and Italian Vogue among others.

With his talent, freshness, and simplicity, Francesco Carrozzini was chosen as the photographer for Baume & Mercier’s new campaign.

The Hamptons photo shoot in the words of Francesco Carrozzini: “I grew up in Tuscany and my earliest memories are of the beach. I was really excited to do this shoot because it reminded me of those early memories, but also because we were shooting in the Hamptons, a place which naturally has an incredible atmosphere and energy. There is also this extraordinary light which reflects up off the sand…using this to my advantage, I worked toward a rendering which would be as natural-looking as possible. In a certain way, I became a spectator telling the story of what transpires naturally in front of him.”