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Prix Suisse de la campagne horlogère 2007 Girard-Perregaux communication campaign awarded

Girard-Perregaux advertising campaign has been awarded by the Jury of the “Prix Suisse de la campagne horlogère 2007”, with a special prize for its concept. With “WAIT”, Girard-Perregaux chose to re-assert the value of time. For the really good things in life, the most precious ones, the rarest, the authentically unique ones, all need time. Time for them to be created, or simply for being understood. For those who can foretell their immense value, it’s well worth waiting for all the time that is needed.

The “Wait” concept in the campaign is elegantly illustrated by the piece of wood that becomes a precious Stradivarius; the Cabernet grapes slowly turning into an exceptional Château-Lafite Rothschild; the unknown and underestimated Gauguin that only time will reveal as a true masterpiece; the millions of years that are necessary for the humble coal to transform into diamonds.