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Complete success for the Objects of Time from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG

The managing directors at the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG had all reason to be pleased with the outcome of the BASELWORLD 09. "We banked on the fact that real values will stand their ground, particularly in times of economic difficulty," says Christian Zörweg in analysing the latest successes. "It is for this reason we took our improved Objects of Time' concept to Basel; it is a clear commitment to innovation, uncompromising perfection and bold design."

The precious masterpieces of craftsmanship presented by BUBEN&ZORWEG at the Baselworld exhibition found not only many admirers but also a corresponding number of entries in the order books – first and foremost for "The Treasury", a modular concept offering the passionate collector an ideal ambience in which to present the objects of his passion whilst maintaining and safeguarding their value. "Our new approach to design – increasing the consistency and perfection of implementation – has been very well-received," says a happy Harald Buben. "Our customers have an eye for the extraordinary, for uniqueness - and that is precisely what we can give them."

Investments in Technology and Design

The current sensitive economic situation has called for comprehensive investments of resources and efforts in the development of new ideas and technologies, as well as for measures to strengthen the distinctive design. The prospects for BUBEN&ZORWEG with regard to the anticipated upswing in the global economy are indeed favourable – the BASELWORLD 2009 has shown that the company's clear-cut brand policy continues to bear fruit even under difficult economic conditions such as those of current times. The expansion of the brand's position in the market is founded on a solid base. These masterpieces of horological craftsmanship, implemented with a passionate commitment to perfection and innovation, will continue to extend the boundaries of feasibility. BUBEN&ZORWEG set the benchmarks with their "Objects of Time". This was confirmed time and again at the BASELWORLD 2009 and is the standard that will apply over the coming years.