The Mecano R150Preview BASELWORLD 2017: Ronda produces mechanical watch movements

The Swiss family concern is once again producing mechanical watch movements. This corner stone was put into place at the end of 2011. After Ronda had strongly developed itself in various technologies and established a broad industrial basis, management decided to go back into the mechanical segment.

Ronda’s new in-house construction boasts a very high vertical range of manufacture and is designed for industrial production.

A landmark step into the future

The objective was to develop an 111/2’’’ caliber, suitable for the volume market. After more than four
years of intensive work, the R150 caliber will be introduced at “Baselworld 2016”, an in-house
construction with three hands and date. The automatic watch movement is 4.40 mm high, has a power
reserve of 40 hours and its production is highly vertically integrated, which ensures both a competitive
cost and flawless quality. The launch of the “Mecano” watch movement line is foreseen for the end of
the year. It is planned to ramp up production to industrial quantities within the next few years.

One source for mechanical and quartz

Ronda is pleased to present itself as the only large independent Swiss manufacturer who sells
millions of quartz movements and now also offers mechanical watch movements. This reflects the
company’s strategy to be an important and attractive partner for watch brands all over the world –
and throughout the coming decades.

Independence as a strategic goal

It has always been important for the shareholders to protect their company’s independence, in order
to be able to enjoy the advantages of a more flexible, medium-sized organization and to remain a
progressive and reliable partner. Profits have always been rigorously reinvested, in order to be able to
achieve development and growth without needing to borrow capital. Thanks to its financial autonomy
and rapid decision-making processes, Ronda is able to adapt promptly to short-term market evolution.

Innovation with high standards

For the past three decades, the family business was managed by its second generation. Production
quality continued to improve through the optimization of processes and quality systems. In parallel,
expansion into world markets was successfully undertaken, so that today Ronda watch movements are
marketed in many timepieces in the medium and upper price segments. Meanwhile, famous global
watch brands have become part of the established clientele, appreciating the company’s innovation,
quality and customer-orientated service.

Committed to timekeeping for 70 years

This year, Ronda looks back over its 70-year existence. Founded in 1946 by William Mosset, the
firm concentrated on the manufacture of components for other suppliers’ mechanical calibers, until it
launched its own first mechanical watch movement onto the market in 1961. In the mid-70s, as the new
quartz technology transformation swept in, Ronda decided to join this dynamic evolution, which
opened the way to a rapidly expanding mass market. Later, as demand for mechanical watch
movements continued to decline sharply, the company discontinued its production in this segment at
the end of the 80s.

Print 25.03.2023