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Outstanding TechnologyMeisterSinger’s MSH01 honored with German Design Award

MSH01 is the name of the hand-wound movement custom-designed for MeisterSinger’s single-hand watches. For its smart, balanced design, the movement has now received the German Design Award, the second most important design prize – after the Red Dot Award – for the caliber, and proof of its exceptional status.

Generally only the exterior design of a wristwatch wins awards, however the German Design Council has recognized here the unusual esthetic of the movement’s technology.

Great strength and fine polishing

Designed especially for MeisterSinger’s single-hand watches, the MSH01 combines the highest precision with large power reserves.

Two barrels connected in series supply the movement with a power reserve of five days. The series connection guarantees steady power output to the train, as this could be a single spring for example, and thereby ensures high accuracy. MeisterSinger also uses this for the precision of the hour hand. In order to minimize play of the single, long hour hand, a minute wheel with spring tines was integrated into the movement.

In addition to the barrels, the design of the train bridge gives the movement a very unusual geometry – and shows the aspiration of MeisterSinger founder Manfred Brassler to blend his design and technical ideals with each other. For the first time, he designed not only the face of a watch, but also the balanced look and feel of the movement. The joy in the details is ultimately visible in the train as well: the detailed circular graining of the rhodium-plated bridge, the bevels polished to a high sheen, the blued screws, and the engraving in gold make the MSH01 a visual delight.

International Jury

Created more than 60 years ago at the initiative of the German Parliament, the German Design Council relies on the expertise of proven international design experts to award prizes. This jury as added another valuable honor to the awards for MeisterSinger products with special mention for the MSH01’s hand-winding mechanism.